Replacement Trencher Chains

Replacement Trencher Chains for all makes of trenchers are available at BPF Equipment, Adelaide

Types of chain include:

  • Earth Chain
  • Frost Chain
  • Diggatac Chain — also known as shark tooth
  • Combo Chain — 70% Diggatac 30% Frost (Main picture)
  • Any length available
  • Various chain pitches are available too

Please remember when requesting us to price up a replacement chain for you, PLEASE count the number of side plates fitted, as this is how a chain is measured.

To help assist you with identifying your chain type, please use the following image references:

  • Main image is the COMBO Chain
  • Left smaller image is the EARTH chain
  • Middle smaller image is the FROST chain
  • Right smaller image is the DIGGATAC chain
  • Lower left how to identify a SIDE PLATE

BPF in Dry Creek South Australia can support most brands of trenchers and their tooth combinations. |
So if you are finding it tough to source give BPF Equipment a call on 08 8262 1000

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