Trailer Mounted Boom Lifts

Trailer Mounted Boom Lifts made by Nifty or as some may know them, if you are from the UK, as Niftylift.

Trailer Mounted Boom Lifts are compact, maneuverable, road-towable, and they are available in Adelaide from BPF Equipment.

Designed for Maximum outreach, the Nifty range of Boom lifts utilises a Telescopic upper boom to deliver outstanding low-level outreach  and up-and-over access for hard to reach locations.

They can be towed easily from site to site by small commercial vehicles or 4×4’s which will give you more flexibility when moving the machine.

These machines are well suited to a wide range of working environments and come in a number of different operating heights of between 9.0 to 21 metre

Some machines have telescopic axles which enable the machines to pass through narrow openings.  This increases the number of places the machines can be used such as restricted access and/or indoor applications.

Nifty’s Trailer mounted boom lifts come equipped with Traction Drive technology, so with their low overall weight, means you can effortlessly position them onsite where you want.

The Nifty range comes in a number of power options including ;

  • Battery powered
  • Mains powered
  • Petrol,
  • Diesel
  • And Bi Energy / Hybrid

We invite you to browse the machines below and then make an. enquiry by form or phone with our friendly team about your next boom lift purchase.

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