10 Year Testing of Scissor Lifts, Boom Lifts, Trailer Mount EWPS

10 Year Testing of Scissor Lifts, Boom Lifts, Trailer Mount EWPS


There is no doubt that a cost effective way to become an owner of Elevating Work Platforms is to buy them second hand provided the EWP meets the regulations and conforms to Australian Standards. Otherwise the price of the EWP may be high no matter what you pay for it. Buying second hand equipment is especially valid for small rental fleet owners and end users. The world market for preowned EWPs has expanded rapidly over the past ten years as the major rental fleet owners continue their policies of removing rental units after 4-7 years of use and replacing with new.

Elevating Work Platforms, by the very nature of the product and working conditions are a potentially high-risk product to own. Before “buying a bargain” it is essential to check out the basics to satisfy yourself as to the state of the EWP being considered and the level of risk you are prepared to take on.

Australia maintains a high safety standard and history when it comes to EWPs, helped by manufacturers, rental fleet owners, owners and end users working together with the relevant statutory bodies to ensure standards are maintained.
Key legislation currently in place includes:
Occupational Health and Safety Acts
 Plant Regulations and Codes of Practice
 AS1418.10, AS2550.10, Australian Standards covering the design, testing and operational requirements of EWPs.

The OH&S Acts put the emphasis on all involved with EWPs on the “Duty of Care” requirement. This means that a supplier of EWPs must ensure the unit meets legal, safety and operational standards. Also employers have to ensure all operators have been adequately trained in the safe use and operation of the EWP.
This legislation follows on to the relevant Australian Standards, particularly AS1418 and AS2550. Conformance to these Codes will be seen as meeting ‘Duty of Care” requirements.
The key points from the legislation and Codes of Practice in regards to pre-owned EWPs include:
 Annual Inspections
 Major Inspections, i.e. Ten Year Test (thereafter every 5 years)
 Maintenance history/Manuals
 Log Books
 Operating Instructions

The Ten Year Test is particularly relevant when buying Pre-owned EWPs. AS2550.10 clearly states that an EWP must be Ten Year Tested in accordance with the standard which, in practice requires the EWP to be stripped down, and all relevant welded structural components and welds non destructive tested.

Does this sound confusing, or are you unsure of what you are required to do, please give BPF Equipment  a call, we will help you!

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