New Forklift Manitou MI 25D 2.5 Tonne Diesel

New Forklift Manitou MI 25D 2.5 Tonne Diesel at BPF Equipment

New Forklift from Manitou  is now at BPF Equipment Dry Creek.
The MI 25 D forklift is designed to handle loads of up to 2.5 tonnes on solid travelling surfaces. The Yanmar diesel engine, the duplex mast as standard issue, the simple and robust design combine to ensure a quick return on investment, ease of upkeep and enhanced longevity.

The easily accessible driver’s cab comes equipped with an adjustable steering column and ergonomic control panel. The innovative design behind this diesel front loader and the optimised placement of the counterweight allow for excellent visibility so everyone benefits in terms of safety. Thanks to the inching pedal and the limit switch braking, approaching loads is smooth and precise

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